UPDATE Coronavirus 24-03-2020:

By this way we would like to let you know that that Kinderfysiotherapie Eindhoven Noord is closed for face to face contact in connection with the new guideline concerning the Coronavirus.

This means that treatment in the practice or at home is now only possible at the special request of the doctor. In that case we also have to wear a mask and gloves.

A consultation is possible via video calling or a telephone appointment. Even though we are physically closed, this does not mean that we are no longer there for you and your child. You can always call with your questions and / or concerns regarding your child's motor skills. The practice remains available by phone

You can contact us Monday to Friday on 040 2440131 or by mail info@kinderfysio.eu


Onze praktijk is volledig gespecialiseerd in kinderfysiotherapie. Ons team bestaat enkel uit specialisten met een passie voor en een expertise in kinderfysiotherapie, zodat we ons volledig kunnen concentreren op de complexe materie van de ontwikkeling van het bewegen van het kind.

Onze therapeuten blijven zich continu ontwikkelen, zodat ze altijd de meest actuele inzichten kunnen toepassen in hun behandelplannen. We genieten ervan om het vertrouwen bij kinderen en hun ouders te zien groeien tijdens het behandeltraject.

Wij zijn de specialisten voor kinderfysiotherapie in Eindhoven.


As a parent it is often difficult to recognize an abnormity in the development of your child. This is normal. An outsider, like a general practitioner, a doctor from a Counselling Centre, a teacher or even a sports trainer can often spot an abnormity and advise you to consult a children’s physiotherapist. Of course, it is also possible that you yourself have questions about the development, growth, behavior or injury of your child and want to seek professional advice from a children’s physiotherapist.

It is possible to make an appointment with a physiotherapist without first seeing your GP, there is no need for a referral.