Insurance / Fees

In the standard package (basis-verzekering) of your insurance children’s physiotherapy will normally be included. Children under 18 years old, are insured for at least 18 treatments. Above this, an extra insurance (aanvullende verzekering) can give you further compensation. If it is a chronicle disorder, than all the necessary treatments will be reimbursed. It is important to know that the costs for the treatment of your child will never be charged to your excess liability.

Children’s Physiotherapy Eindhoven North has contracts with all health insurance companies in the Netherlands, so that everyone can easily become a client. We send invoices directly to your health insurance company.

Children’s Physiotherapy Eindhoven North fulfills to the highest standards required by health insurances with regard to quality, transparency and service.

Children’s Physiotherapy is directly accessible, this means that you do not need a referral from your GP. However, for house calls you will need a medical referral from your GP, specialist or Counselling Centre.

Fees Physiotherapy 2024

Consult children’s physiotherapy
€ 50,00

Consult by phone
Intake and examination after screening
Intake and examination after referral

€ 16,00
€ 25,00
€ 75,00
€ 75,00

Children’s physiotherapeutic report
Group treatment two persons
Group treatment three persons
Group treatment four persons
Group treatment 5-10 persons

€ 56,00
€ 30,00
€ 27,00
€ 22,00
€ 18,00

Surcharge for end of treatment
Facility surcharge

€ 16,00
€ 10,00

Instruction/consultation with parents
No-show at an appointment

€ 50,00
€ 30,00

Common, short reports € 28,00


Payment Conditions

1 The payment conditions are inseparably connected with the treatment agreement between the child/patient and the children’s physiotherapist.

2 Appointments can be cancelled not later then 24 hours beforehand. Forgotten appointments or late cancellations, will be invoiced as normal, but will not be compensated by the health insurance. 

3 Children’s physiotherapeutical treatments must be paid within thirty days after the invoice date. After this period, it will be regarded as an omission which allows the children’s physiotherapist, without further notice of default, to start debt collection measures.  Costs occurred will be charged to you included actual interest rates.

4 All costs with reference to a necessary debt collection, also the legal costs, will be charged to the patient.