Fitkids is an exercise group for children aged 6-18 with a motor disability, chronic illness, impairment or long-term condition, who do not exercise enough and cannot join a regular sports club.

The children train for a year, under professional supervision, with the aim of moving on to a regular sports club afterwards. Fitkids always involves two paediatric physiotherapists. The children train twice a week during the first six months and once a week during the second six months in groups where various sports and game activities are done.

During the Fitkid programme, the child learns that exercise is fun and healthy, because fun comes first! Besides the goals the child would like to achieve, the aim is to improve physical and mental fitness. In Fitkids, the child is encouraged to continue with another sports activity after completing the programme at our practice, for example in a club setting.

Intake and working method Fitkids

Before participating, your child will be invited for an intake at our practice on Barrierweg. Among other things, your child's general fitness will be assessed by means of tests offered at the child's level. This way, we can measure where your child stands when it starts with us.

After a year of Fitkids, your child will be invited for an assessment that takes place at our practice on Barrierweg. At this check-out, your child will be given sports advice and we will look at what your child has achieved in a year of participation in Fitkids. See also:

For this one-year exercise programme, you will be asked to contribute Euro 150.00. The rest is reimbursed from the health insurance. Participation in Fitkids requires a referral from your GP/specialist.

Training times exercise groups

Monday 16.15 - 17.15, gym BS Atalanta
Wednesday 16.15 - 17.15, gym BS Atalanta