Children’s physiotherapy is a specialization in physiotherapy, which focusses on children. Child physiotherapists are specialized in the development and movement of children. Children learn how to move by playing, falling down, getting up and trying again. Sometimes this can  take longer than expected or differ in progress for different reasons,  which can result in a set-back which makes further development more difficult. When this is the case,  a children’s physiotherapist can offer support. Working with the child, utilizing the child’s understanding of its environment, the therapist will stimulate its development by means of play.

The children’s physiotherapist will give the parents tips and advice about how to assist the child with  exercises at home on a daily basis to optimize the child’s normal development as much as possible.

As children develop in different ways (motorial, socio-emotionally and mentally), it is often important to look at the development of the child from different angles. That is why it is so important that the therapist has contact with the GP, pediatrician, physical therapist and other specialists as elocutionist, podotherapist, child-psychologist or (pedagogue) teacher.